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The name of the company “Integre” (Lat. completely, virtuously and honestly) was chosen for its meaning, reflecting the values of our company, hight standarts of professional ethics, moral requirements and attitude to work. 


Our services

We offer everything from basic accounting operations to complex financial problems solutions as well as advice on strategic decisions.


Accounting services

Full accounting services

Consultation on accounting, tax issues and business management

Chief Accountant’s function

Company’s establishment

Payroll and HR documentation management

Training for Accountants, Financiers, Managers


Our services are intended for a wide range of business sectors and industries. 









We have experience and know the nuances of accounting for different activities. We offer everything from basic accounting operations to complex financial problems solutions as well as we provide advice on strategic plans.

Our clients​

Our client – values promptness, organization, highest quality and confidentiality.

The customer is the most important to us, so we always strive to ensure the most convenient and the safest way of cooperation for the client: we sign a confidentiality agreement and comply with all security and work organization rules. We make every effort to ensure a smooth and quality service.

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Accounting services​

UAB Integre – accounting specialists offering clients high quality and flexible services. We can communicate in several languages: English, Polish and Russian.
Our ambition is not only to become a leading accounting company, but also to make a significant contribution to the successful development of our clients businesses.
We believe that an attentive and responsible approach to work and a focus on the highest standards and best results will enable us to earn the title of the most professional accounting firm in Lithuania.

We are ready to impress our clients with innovative and efficient ways of working – we use modern IT solutions that not only enable to complete tasks faster but also to reduce costs.
Developing advanced methods and tools – implies faster work for us and faster customer benefits.

Why UAB ”Integre”? Because we can provide professional accounting services and our team of experienced professionals are ready to guarantee quality results.

Our services can help grow your business by transferring some of the concern to professionals.
We plan all our work responsibly, so we can make sure they run smoothly. In case of mistakes, we take full responsibility.
The accounting of each company shall be managed in the light of the activities and specificities of its activities, applying the most beneficial decisions and complying with the laws which specifically govern that activity.

Our services are a modern approach to accounting services. There are not only accounting, but also we are full of other solutions, from simple operations to sophisticated financial solutions using modern technologies.

Quality. Professional expertise. Responsibility

Our accounting services​

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