GoIT’s activities include the provision of IT support services, cloud computing and data security solutions across the Baltic States. More than 500 companies, ranging from small to large businesses, have demonstrated their trust in GoIT by outsourcing their IT maintenance. Working with manufacturing, legal, pharmaceutical, advertising, industrial, construction and consultancy companies, GoIT’s aim is to ensure the uninterrupted operations of its business clients. Therefore, GoIT always responds rapidly and strives to solve a wide range of technological problems in the most efficient manner.

Why did the company need accountancy services?

According to Tomas Kirchovas, CEO of GoIT, the company was looking for an accounting partner who would not only consistently adhere to their agreements and resolve various accounting issues, but would also take on the role of a strong, competent partner and offer insights into different accounting issues related to the company’s partners and clients.

Why choose Integre?

As T. Kirchovas explained, he chose Integre because of its ability to adapt to his company’s needs, as well as its modern approach to accounting and a large team, which meant that GoIT’s accounting was not dependent on a single specialist.

“Integre stood out from other companies because they spoke to us about our specific needs. They were professional and well-prepared, as they were already familiar with our publicly-available information and delved into our internal requirements. From the first meeting, it was apparent that Integre would hear us and had the capability to meet our needs. GoIT has grown fourfold in 5 years and is continuing to expand, so having a partner that we don’t have to look after is crucial for us. Instead, it’s the other way around – Integre represents GoIT and handles our issues,” said T. Kirchovas, CEO of GoIT.


What have we done since earning our client’s trust?

Vaida Jociutė, CEO of Integre, said that when a company starts working with a new client, a lot of emphasis is put on building mutual understanding and rapport. “From the first inquiry, we try to answer all their questions efficiently, which enables the client to quickly make the best decisions for the business. Once we start managing a client’s accounting process, we optimise the paperwork, data and information entry into the system, which allows them to see real business and financial results.”

According to V. Jociutė, “GoIT is an innovative and dynamic business, which is why we have the incentive to keep up with innovations. We need to prove in words and deeds that we are not just an accountancy firm, but also a reliable partner.”

Challenges and the journey to shared victories

As T. Kirchovas explained, GoIT’s accounting processes are distinguished by the fact that the company not only provides IT maintenance services, but also warehouse inventory accounting. “Although taking over the accounting work is always a challenge and it takes time to set up a proper and efficient process, this time everything went smoothly due to Integre’s active contribution. Even now, we often get all kinds of advice that lead to insights about what we could do further, to make our work more comfortable, efficient and well organised.”

Moving forward

According to V. Jociutė, Integre greatly appreciates the strong relationship it has built with GoIT. “We look forward to continuing our successful journey together, not only so that we can resolve issues promptly, but also find the best solutions to grow our business and create added value.”