Euromontas is a fast-growing company that is engaged in the manufacture and assembly of metal structures, hardware and pipelines. In addition to projects based in Lithuania, Euromontas exports its products to European countries including the Netherlands, France, Finland and Latvia.

How did the company find itself in need of bookkeeping services?

The company’s CEO, Žygimantas Kučinskas, said that in the beginning, they were looking to recruit a chief accountant who could oversee their in-house processes. However, a co-worker came up with the brilliant suggestion of looking for a company to provide bookkeeping services. “We had several options available, but the professional way in which CEO Vaida Jociutė approached our requirements is what made us choose Integre as our partner,” said Mr Kučinskas.

Why Integre?

Mr Kučinskas explained that the main advantage of Integre was its broad choice of available services that offered good value for money. “Once we just started working with Integre, we noticed that the company had a highly professional approach to meeting our expectations. We also experienced their flexibility and timely responses to any issues that arose. We received all offers on time and there were no problems with communication. By using Integre’s services, we have learned that we are able to focus more on our business without concerns over bookkeeping,” said Mr Kučinskas.

What have we achieved with Euromontas?

At the beginning of our cooperation, we focused on optimising our workflows and structuring our processes. As a result, we achieved optimisation in two key areas: compensation and management of HR documents. Another big priority was engaging in consultations with the CFO on various day-to-day and optimisation issues. One of our goals was to facilitate financial matters/workflows and reduce the time that the client had to spend addressing them.

Challenges and the road to collective victories

The first thing we noticed was that the company was swamped by manual labour – that is why we tried to identify the workflows that could be optimised to minimise the time costs.

What makes the accounting system at Euromontas unique is its large-scale management, which involves a solid site-by-site allocation. The process of the transfer of accounts was done quickly and smoothly, because we always had immense engagement with our client.

The only way is forward

In our work with Euromontas, we are aiming to maintain the highest-quality service delivery, to continue our cooperation and potentially expand our range of services.

We appreciate the confidence placed in us by our client!