About UAB Polimaster Europe

UAB Polimaster Europe’s main line of business is designing and manufacturing professional equipment for radiation detection, monitoring and control. A strong technical base, together with state-of-the-art technology, results in unique technical solutions and world-class products that ensure human security and reduce the threat of radiological terrorism.

The company aims to develop advanced technologies that allow for the rapid and accurate detection of radiation, to reduce the threat of radiological terrorism, and ensure a safe environment for all people.

Why did the company need new accounting services?

CEO of Polimaster Europe, Donatas Sirgedas, explained that he had established a long-term partnership with the company’s CFO and accountant, but over time, with the rapid growth of the company, their approach changed, and the principles of work were no longer compatible. Therefore, the company had to look for a new partner.

Why Integre?

Sirgedas said that when choosing a new partner, he was most impressed by Integre’s experience, as well as the recommendations and feedback from companies that had worked with Integre.

“I chose this partner because of the recommendations from another company, combined with their systematic approach that was evident from the first meeting, and their experience of working with similar manufacturing export companies,” D. Sirgedas said.

Sirgedas also revealed that Integre demonstrates a unique openness and willingness to help solve problems.

Challenges and the road to shared victories

Polimaster Europe’s accounting requirements are special in that the company has cost centres for each department (finance, sales, purchasing, human resources, etc.), and it adds transportation and customs costs to the price of goods immediately during the purchase process. Reports are also complicated because they must submit reports to the concerned companies according to customer-defined forms. Automatically extracting data from the software does not work in this case, as these reports require analyses from various cross-sections.

Once we started cooperating with the company, we had a great deal of customer involvement as we performed a number of tasks. First of all, we automated the preparation of reports and optimised data collection to reduce the time expenditure. Then, we organised the personnel and salary calculation modules and helped arrange cash flow planning. Along with the change taking place in the company’s processes and responsibilities, we provided consultations on the accounting processes. We also boldly accepted the challenge of working with an ERP system that was completely new to us, which would better meet the customer’s needs.

Moving forward

In cooperation with Polimaster Europe, we will strive to maintain our high-quality services and to continue implementing the necessary solutions to continue growing and improving together. We are grateful to our customer for their continued trust!

UAB Polimaster Europe website: www.polimaster.eu