Partnership between UAB Ukmergės keliai and Integre

UAB Ukmergės keliai is a company that specialises in building and repairing roads, bridges and viaducts. In over fifty years of operations, thanks to the company’s specialists, Ukmergės keliai has built 35 bridges, 25 viaducts and 7 tunnel passages. As the company was faced with accounting difficulties, we have established a productive partnership, which is already showing great results.

Why did the company need accounting services?

Andrius Latvys, Director of Ukmergės keliai, explained that the company started considering external service providers after being faced with more and more accounting challenges, which were too much for the organisation’s internal resources to handle.
“We felt that the company’s accounting department was under a heavy load, we had a constant need for professional development, and we also experienced slowdowns in the accounting process whenever the accounting staff took days off or went on a sick leave,” said the company’s Director, A. Latvys.

Why choose Integre?

A. Latvys said that the decision to partner with Integre was made due to the professional approach and attractive pricing. As soon as Ukmergės keliai started working with Integre, the company noticed some changes in its situation: it not only saved money, but smooth accounting processes were ensured and they were able to enjoy high-quality services.
“We realised the benefits of having a partner we can rely on, both in our daily work and in situations that require special attention. The responsible approach of the Integre team makes a significant contribution to our efficient work processes. They always try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible,” A. Latvys said.

What have we done since gaining our customer’s trust?

Since starting this cooperation and gaining the client’s trust in our competencies and working principles, we have performed a number of projects including rearranging the accounting processes, optimising the payroll tasks, moving document management to the Sharepoint system, and we are currently working to make various improvements in the company’s day-to-day work.

Challenges on the road to shared victories

Ukmergės keliai has a unique accounting system that includes complex calculations for salaries, with information that is collected and systematised by projects or departments. Management accounting provided us with the basis for reporting and monitoring the activities of different departments. The company has an advanced and strong management accounting process, so the challenge was to allocate the costs accurately, which required extreme care. Integre provided the customer with the added benefit of experience in construction business accounting. We can also boast of competent specialists in the payroll, accounting and finance departments, who can perform the tasks entrusted to them by the client based on their experience and competencies.

Moving forward

In cooperation with Ukmergės keliai, we will strive to maintain the highest quality of services and will continue to take actions to optimise our work. We are grateful to our customer for pacing their trust in us!