Accounting is an integral part of every business. Its efficiency depends not only on properly fulfilling the relevant tax obligations, but also on the stability of the company’s operations, smooth administration of the staff processes, ensuring the correct cash flow, and even the company’s relations with its business partners. According to Vaida Jociutė, Chief Executive Officer at Integre, which introduced its updated brand image in 2022, over the last 15 years, the field of accounting has changed significantly and has become inseparable from innovative technological solutions. This means that businesses which have not yet adapted to those changes, need to move quickly.

Keeping pace with the latest trends

According to Vaida Jociutė, Chief Executive Officer at Integre, many company leaders still believe that accounting is a static discipline that barely changes, and that this business function requires only one or a few employees who are good with numbers. In other words, although there are many companies striving to implement innovations that will increase their business efficiency in a variety of areas, ranging from manufacturing and logistics to customer service, the modernisation of accounting processes is often overlooked.

“This makes sense, in part. Businesses have limited resources, and keeping up with innovations in all areas can be a real challenge. We are here to take care of optimising our clients’ accounting processes. This is an area we have been successfully operating in for 15 years. Over this period, we have kept pace with the latest trends and even been at the forefront of new technologies, while paying special attention to employee training and the development of competencies. All this has allowed us to build a strong team of professionals focused on advanced solutions. Today, the largest companies in the country trust our team with their accounting and bookkeeping processes,” said V. Jociutė.

Trusted by the largest companies

More than 160 customers now use Integre’s services. This customer list includes specialists in different fields, such as the company that provides engineering services for aviation Kaunas Aircraft Maintenance Services, retail chain Norfa, manufacturing company Bio Circle Balticum and the road construction company Ukmergės keliai, among others. According to V. Jociutė, the company’s professional approach to addressing challenges and the employees’ abilities to turn them into victories, has helped the company earn the trust of customers and expand its circle of clients.

“Some of our customers have been with us since day one, and they have grown with us. We truly value the trust of our customers, and it drives us to work really hard. Our own performance reflects our successful cooperation with the leaders in their fields, as well as with smaller companies. Back in 2017, Integre’s turnover exceeded €1 million for the first time, and last year it reached €1.5 million,” V. Jociutė revealed.

New visual identity that better reflects the company’s values

The company’s modern approach to accounting and its emphasis on collaboration with customers is also reflected in the brand and visual identity of Integre, which was updated earlier this year. According to V. Jociutė, the old company logo, designed 15 years ago, no longer matches the new realities in the field of accounting and the company’s image and aspirations, since Integre has undergone significant growth.

“The changes in the brand and visual identity symbolise a new stage in the company’s operations where our professionalism, creative approach to addressing our customers’ challenges and our focus on complex innovative solutions will form an even stronger foundation for our operations and a prerequisite for further growth. At the same time, it will help us become more visible and recognisable in a market where the need for smart accounting services is expected to continue growing,” V. Jociutė said.

The vision of the company, which focuses on professionalism and responsibility, is to provide the highest quality accounting services that will create real added value for our customers’ activities. Striving for added value and our understanding of professional business processes were the ideals which had to be reflected in our new company logo.

Accounting is not separate from digitalisation and automation

According to V. Jociutė, one of the most significant changes taking place in the field of accounting in recent years has been related to the process digitalisation and automation, as well as the application of artificial intelligence solutions. Many accounting and bookkeeping functions are being transferred to the electronic space, while more and more tasks are performed with the help of advanced information systems. All of this allows companies to manage their accounts more efficiently, reduces the likelihood of human error, provides new data analysis tools and offers valuable business insights.

“Of course, the digitalisation of a company’s accounting processes cannot happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and know-how. Therefore, our aim is to be more than accounting service providers. We also wish to become advisers to our customers, to help them modernise in this field and create added value. Together with our clients, we have implemented several successful accounting digitisation projects in recent years. We find that larger companies are increasingly interested in the opportunities available in this area,” V. Jociutė noted.

The Head of Accounting at Integre said that in the past few years, based on global best practices and its own experience, the company has implemented cloud technologies for efficient document exchange, developed and offered customers a convenient tool for invoicing, implemented digitisation projects with its large customers, started offering electronic personnel document management solutions, and has performed robotising operations. Integre has also invested in advanced customer relationship management (CRM) systems and the company has established an efficient help desk. Furthermore, according to its customer needs, Integre offers integration with all the most popular accounting programs, including Rivilė Gama, Navision and Directo.

Strong focus on employee competencies

According to V. Jociutė, despite the growing influence of technology in the field of accounting, it is essential that human and professional abilities keep pace with these changes. Therefore, Integre has been making significant efforts in this area.

“We not only have customers, but also employees who have been with our company almost since its establishment. We have grown and developed our competencies together. The desire to improve and learn is one of the conditions for joining our team, so we really focus on providing opportunities for learning. We have an internal training academy and we also provide external development courses. This is one of the reasons why we are able to attract true experts in our field, as well as professionals who want to learn and keep growing. In 2006, we started our activities with one employee. Today, we have a team of more than 60 professionals,” said V. Jociutė.